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  • Kara Laumann

Revamping Credits

On my student game team, I am the sole UI Designer. That means developing the credits was one of my tasks. At the end of last semester, I wasn't too happy with how the credits looked. They're back in the storybook and flip between each page to go to each part of the credits. One issue I had was my initial layout. I had intended for there to be a small story on the side written by the narrative designer, but that wasn't the case. That meant the entire layout felt off. To fix this I centered aligned all the text. I also made sure the titles weren't on 2 lines. Being on 1 line is easier to read. On top of the alignment issue, the credits were quite static. Nothing on the menu was telling the player that the credits weren't frozen and when it was just waiting to show the next page. To mitigate that I added Bernie to the bottom right corner animating around on top of a burned hole. This was to give the effect of Bernie having burned through the page so he could be seen on each page of the credits. All of these additions help make the credits feel less static and have a better aesthetic overall.

Credits Video

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