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Night Heist

Night Heist is a multiplayer 3D stealth adventure game in which you play as either a thief or a guard, protecting or stealing artifacts. Players each have 5 abilities they must utilize to complete their objectives.

I worked on this project for a single semester focusing during the production phase on Menus, HUDS, and feedback. It was developed in UE4. The team consisted of myself and 21 other students from various disciplines.


UI Designer

  • Conceptualized ~5 Menus for the most immersive experience

  • Mocked up 15+ icons to best inform the player of their abilities

  • Developed 2 different HUD layouts to differentiate the types of characters

UX Designer

  • Determined the feedback needed for various actions and events

  • Created various animation responses for player actions on the HUD

Design Process

HUD Layout

On this project, I designed all of the HUDs and Menus. There are 2 different characters with different camera's each with their own unique abilities. With the first-person HUD, I put the ability icons on the left. Most characters in FPS tend to be right-handed, and all they see of the character is the gun. When this is on the right that's the direction that they look at for their character. Therefore I put all of the main ability icons on the right side. For the third person character, the player is more often looking in the center of the screen, because that's where the player is. This led me to putting the main abilities in the center. Both characters have a special ability that combines shift and another button. These abilities are also related to the player movement. To make it easier for the player I put these icons on the left side of the screen by itself where the player would, if using WASD, hit the shift button.

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