KOTOR Menus Redesign (WIP)

This is a redesign of Knights of the Old Republic's Pause Menus and sub-menus within  it. I used Adobe XD to create the Wireframes.

Design Process


To start this project I researched all of the menus within KOTOR. Once I had a list of the various menus I then started to research more modern games that contained the same type of menus. SOme of the games I looked at are:

  • Dragon Age Inquisition - Inventory and Character Menus

  • Destiny 2 - Equipment Menu

  • Mass Effect Andromeda - Companion and Pause Menu


Once I had a rough idea on where I wanted to go with the menus based on my research I created a plan. I wanted to start with the menus that mattered the most, which I deemed to be the Pause menu, Character menu, and the Inventory menu.

The Pause menu is where you go to access all of the other menus so it was important to start on that. The Character menu is where players level up and it has a lot of different elements that need to be shown. Balancing the amount of information players will see so they're not overwhelmed is important. Lastly the Inventory menu is a place players will constantly go back to. It also would be one of the things needing the most time because you need to show a lot of different information regarding the equipment. If I was actually developing this fully the equipment menu would be reused for a shop menu as well.


Pause Menu

Character Menu